Production and Sound Design

Production Sound:

I have over six years experience as a production mixer, boom op, and sound utility. I have worked on films, television programs, and commercials. Click here to see a list of my credits. You can see samples of my work here. To inquire about rates, click here to contact me.


Wireless lavaliers

Shotgun microphone

4 channel field mixer

2 channel digital recorder

Headphone amplifier

Harness, cables, adapters, and monitoring equipment


Sound Design:

My first exposure to working with sound was in a fine arts capacity while pursuing my BFA at the University of North Carolina. I worked with installations, multiple system playback, and experimental audio/video. When I became interested in sound for film, I continued to look at sound in the creative and innovative way that I approached art. With each project I am involved with, I try to find a way to creatively integrate the soundtrack with the picture not just technically, but conceptually.

Filmmaking is a collaborative artistic endeavor. I don’t approach projects solely from a technical standpoint, I work creatively with directors and producers and strive to tell the best story possible, whether that be narrative or documentary; film, or television. My background is in both production and theory, and I bring my passion and experience with both to every project on which I collaborate.

I work predominantly with ProTools and am Operator Certified. I am also familiar with Logic and Adobe Audition. I am experienced with Foley recording, sound effects creation and editing, dialog editing, ADR, music editing, and both stereo and 5.1 mixing.

You can view samples of my work here. To see a list of my credits, click here. To contact me, click here.

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